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Aug 23, 2022

We have a special guest in this week’s episode: our COO Glenn Huybrecht. Get to know what he did previously, and about the amazing work he is doing now at Cake DeFi. As always, we also discuss the current markets: What are the most important things that have been happening in the crypto space? What effects will the Ethereum merge have? And could the housing market be crumbling down upon us all soon? Tune in to find out!



FTX Revenue Numbers:

Brian Armstrong Regulation:

Singapore’s plans:

NFT Crisis with Bend DAO:


Cake Defi Payouts:

Tech In Asia Article:

Transparency Page:

Why we need Bitcoin:

1 million customers:

Razer Promo finishing:

Ethereal Address Creation Fee:

We are hiring!!

Phishing Warning!!

Mr. Money TV:

Our new office:

Ethereum Merge Impact on Cake:

What is CeDeFi:

SXSW Voting:

Ethereal Miner blocking: