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The Cryptoshow - blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and decentralization simply explained

Dec 14, 2021

Welcome to this year’s last episode of our Twitter Spaces. Today, we discuss the extreme bearish sentiment in the markets, and why that may actually be a good thing. We also talk about 3 possible scenarios on how crypto may develop going forward, and of course we reflect on how much we actually achieved at Cake DeFi...

Dec 7, 2021

Crypto has crashed, but DFI is the massive outlier! In this week’s episode, we of course discuss the crazy market movements over the past week: Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are down -20% and more, but DFI has actually doubled its price measured in Sats since the last show. Learn all about what...

Dec 6, 2021

Decentralized assets have gone live at DeFiChain, which offer incredible opportunities. In some cases, up to 1000% returns per year. In this podcast I went through the most important questions so you are perfectly prepared. Don't miss!

► To the decentralized assets:

► All info about...