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Aug 30, 2022

Bitcoin briefly dipped below $20,000, and the bears started getting loud again. In this week’s episode, we discuss what has been happening in the crypto and general markets, and give an outlook for the rest of the year. What can be considered a good portfolio performance? When do we expect the markets to turn around? And is Bitcoin yet to dip to $10,000? Tune in to find out!


  1. SG gov crypto regulation
  2. MAS:
  3. SG Millionaire Screenshot


  1. Jackson Hole
  2. Funding Rate Expectation Screenshot 1
  3. Funding Rate Expectation Screenshot 2
  4. DXY Screenshot
  5. TLT:
  6. Death of the middle class?


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  2. Mt. Gox News fake:
  3. BTC Price Forecast:
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  5. GBTC Discount Screenshot




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