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Dec 14, 2021

Welcome to this year’s last episode of our Twitter Spaces. Today, we discuss the extreme bearish sentiment in the markets, and why that may actually be a good thing. We also talk about 3 possible scenarios on how crypto may develop going forward, and of course we reflect on how much we actually achieved at Cake DeFi in this crazy past year. Also, you didn’t hear it from us, but there may be a special Christmas promo coming up rather soon 


This will be the last Cake DeFi Twitter Spaces of the year, so enjoy it.

We will discuss the current markets, a nice Christmas promo we have prepared for you, as well as community questions. Off to Fabio, our community manager!

Fabio about the current community sentiment: The markets are very indecisive right now, and yesterday was a very negative day. 5 weeks ago, everyone was extremely bullish, now people are super bearish in the general crypto market.

However, as an investor it pays to be a contrarian: When everyone is super bullish, you should be careful, when everyone is fearful, you usually soon find the bottom of the market.

3 scenarios our CEO Dr. Julian Hosp sees on how the crypto market could develop going forward:

Scenario 1: The current sentiment is too bearish, just as it was too bullish at the beginning of the year, and we will see a green December candle!

Scenario 2: continued pessimism over the next couple of weeks & months, crypto becoming “not interesting” again, and then a sudden price catalyst again (most likely scenario)

Scenario 3 (most bearish): 
The “bouncey ball” theory, where the hype coming from the Bitcoin ETF was just a short-term push, and now we are in a sideways market until end of 2022/beginning 2023

Cake DeFi’s company treasury: Mostly fiat, crypto holdings are usually 50/50 split between Bitcoin and Ethereum, since 2 months we have also built up a DeFiChain position Monday’s weekly rewards email had a display issue, this problem is being fixed right now - actual rewards are not affected and have been paid out in full

2021 recap️

- Cleanup & Revamp of all our products
- New “Confectionary” VIP program
- Buyout of former investors
- 1.5x and 2x Freezer
- Learn & Earn program
- Many new team members
- And, of course, the recent Decentralized Assets launch 
- Cash flow charts coming 

Cake DeFi only earns when our customers earn. 

How has Cake DeFi made so much money this year? Because our customers have made even more money! 

Stay tuned for news on a special Christmas present we have planned for you at the end of this week / beginning next week! 

Make sure to have a verified account by this time!

Thank you for participating in the last Cake DeFi Twitter Spaces for this year, and off to an amazing start in 2022!


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