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Oct 19, 2021

Topics discussed regarding Cake DeFi during today’s Twitter Spaces (recording available):
• Cake DeFi will be launching a new „Learn & Earn” program this Thursday, 21st October. Learn about crypto & get paid for it! More details to follow
• We are actively discussing ideas for promotions and ways how we can make our products and services even sweeter. It’s not final yet, but additional DFI bonuses for our Lending product could be coming back!
• Cake DeFi is prepared for the upcoming stock integration, right now it just depends on when the development on DeFiChain will be completed.
• First we will be integrating decentralized tokens, and on a later stage also decentralized loans. The plan is for everything to be integrated before Christmas.
• The creation of stock tokens themselves will not be supported, at least initially. Our vision is to be a simple, easy to use and understand platform. The creation of stocks as of right now is still too abstract, complicated, and requires deep knowledge and understanding.
• The DeFiChain DEX is still being integrated step-by-step: The regular swap feature is live, now we are looking into enabling it for „Liquidity Mining Simple Mode” as well.

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